Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hola, Compadres

Frank the Baptist will be playing in Frankfurt at Das Bett Friday May 18th (in 2 weeks) and then will disappear for a long time to work (Finally) on the next album.

Frank The Baptist WILL NOT... I repeat... WILL NOT be playing at The Blackfield Festival.

The Frankfurt show is the last show for a long while so go there for our sendoff into the unknown territories of the craziness that happens to get an FTB record done.

Bis bald,
Captain Crunch

the facebook event:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Captain's Log: January 24th, 2012

Ok... much has been happening lately: Planning out the next album, organizing photo shoots, web stuff (The thing that never gets done) and
talks about finally returning to Bochum one month from today.

Friday February 24th

Frank the Baptist & Lotus Feed + Aftershowparty
Gotham Sounds Party - Zwischenfall Supporter Nights

Kulturbahnhof Langendreer
Wallbaumweg 108, Bochum, Germany

Go here for the facebook event page:

Kirk Out

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Now that I've had some time to breathe it's time to update the pages, I've uploaded photos from last Sunday's Frank The Baptist show, put on by Hidden Treasure Music on the FTB facebook page. It was the best Chameleons show I've ever seen and we had a blast playing. The new songs (Which made up half of the set) were far better received than expected, good motivation to put out the new album. A big thanks to Ian P. Christ, Ina Diocan, Thomas Mixmeister for the sound, The Audience (Who were FAR too kind) and especially our cronies who got on stage for the sing along in "If I Speak". You'll see their mugs on the stage in the photos.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hola Compadres,
The Captain has updated the show/tour dates section on as well as on the Official Frank The Baptist facebook bandpage here: 

One of the updates includes The Frank The Baptist Full band performance (The first in Berlin since 2008) opening for our Heroes The Chameleons @ The Festsaal in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Sunday the 18th of December. FTB goes on early at 8:30 sharp, Chameleons 9:45, lights out at 11:30.
Event page here: 
Live long and prosper,

P.s. A brand new FTB site will be coming to frankthebaptist.DE very soon.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Telegram Frank and Lucas Lanthier ride again!

Hello Folks...
For those of you who don't know already the Dirty Weather Project will be on the road in 8 days.
Go here for more info.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Frank Vollmann @ WGT with Cinema Strange this Saturday

This Weekend in Leipzig at WGT yours truly will be onstage to sing a bunch of tunes with Lucas Lanthier during the Cinema Strange show Saturday at the Werk 2 venue. You may here some Dirty Weather Project Tunes, you may even hear an FTB song.
Be there or beware,


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The vocal recordings for the pre-production demo went quickly and well so far. It definitely added to the excitement of a new album. Will others like the new songs as much as I do? Can you possibly fathom the size of the shit I do not give? :)
By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes.
Cheers and love,